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Hannah’s Bananas Pediatric Rehab

Maryland Neuro-Rehab & Wellness Center: Pediatric Rehab in Pikesville, MD

Hannah’s Bananas Pediatric Rehab

Is your child suffering from a behavioral, motor, sensory, or feeding issue that is preventing them from living their highest quality of life? Maryland Neuro-Rehab & Wellness Center is committed to maximizing your child’s wellbeing.  Our physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, delivered by our seasoned Pediatric Rehab therapists, can help your child develop the necessary skills to lead a joyful and fulfilling childhood. 

Hannah’s Bananas Pediatric Rehab
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Hannah’s Bananas Pediatric Rehab Services Include:

  • Feeding Therapy
  • Early Intervention
  • Adaptive seating
  • Astronaut training
  • Sensory Integration
  • Handwriting
  • ADHD
  • Visual Perceptual Therapy
  • Musgatova/Reflex Integration
  • Brain-Gym

Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues manifest in children in a variety of ways.  Generally, these issues result in a very challenging childhood, which can then go on to impact patients throughout their whole lives.  Behavioral issues in children may also leave you as a parent feeling puzzled on what to do and how to best help them. 

Some examples of conditions that a licensed pediatric therapist can assist with are as follows:

  • Gross motor skills – walking, running, lifting
  • Fine motor skills – writing, eating, holding items
  • Motor planning – getting dressed, brushing teeth
  • Social & speech skills – talking, participating in conversations with their peers

Pediatric therapy at Maryland Neuro-Rehab & Wellness Center takes an integrated approach to care.  Therapy for behavioral issues often involves targeted stretches to improve a child’s physical strength, playtime to teach them the correct way to hold toys and explore, as well as exercises and training to improve how they walk or run. 

Your child’s therapist will also construct an at-home exercise program so that you can continue to help your child outside the clinic.  Your involvement can speed-up progress and make your child more comfortable with their therapy.

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Realizing that your child may have a sensory-motor disorder might be a little confusing for you at first.  Maryland Neuro-Rehab & Wellness Center offers a variety of pediatric therapy services that can help your child meet the proper milestones for their age.

If your child has a sensory issue, it means that they may have difficulties with one or more of the five main senses such as touch or taste. 

 A few examples of tasks your child may struggle with include: 

  • Delayed sitting, crawling and walking
  • Catching a ball, picking up toys
  • Dancing
  • Dressing themselves
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills, such as writing

By providing deep, caring attention via pediatric therapy at Maryland Neuro-Rehab & Wellness Center, your child’s motor issues can be managed and addressed.  One of our pediatric therapists will assess your child’s abilities or any setbacks they might have.  They can incorporate sensory integration therapy into treatment as well, where your child will be evaluated for any “sensory defensiveness” or “sensory cravings.”  

Sometimes children develop feeding or swallowing issues at a young age, which can severely impact their nutritional health.  Children with a feeding disorders often take much longer to learn to eat independently and may only eat certain foods.

Your child could have a swallowing disorder, also known as dysphagia.  If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact a pediatric therapist at Maryland Neuro-Rehab & Wellness Center to learn more about how our clinic, located in Pikesville, MD, can help your child to overcome their problems with eating and/or swallowing.

Common signs of a feeding problem include:

  • Cries or fusses when feeding
  • Falls asleep when feeding
  • Has trouble breathing while eating and drinking
  • Refuses to eat or drink
  • Eats only certain textures, such as soft food or crunchy food
  • Has problems chewing
  • Coughs or gags during meals
  • Is not gaining weight or growing
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If you think your child may have a behavioral, sensory, or feeding disorder, it can’t hurt to have them assessed by one of our pediatric speech, occupational, or physical therapists