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Shoulder Pain Signs

The symptoms of shoulder pain in Catonsville include:

  • Swelling around shoulder joint
  • Stiffness of the joint felt upon movement
  • Reduced shoulder motion
  • Inability to raise your shoulder
  • Pain while lifting or rotating your shoulder
  • Pain around the shoulder blade
  • A clicking sensation in the shoulder
  • The feeling that your shoulder could slip out of its socket
Depending on the location of your pain and the causes of injury, the therapists at Maryland Neuro Rehab in Catonsville will help devise a customized treatment plan for you.

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What Causes Shoulder Pain

Physical trauma, overuse, or strained muscle causes shoulder pain. Some conditions also cause it, including:

  • Rotator Cuff Tears, which occurs due to trauma, attaching the shoulder blade to the shoulder joint
  • Tendinitis, due to overuse of the tendons in your shoulder or frequent rubbing
  • Bursitis, also caused due to overuse, is inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs inside your shoulder
  • Arthritis, which destroys the cartilage inside your shoulder
  • Instability, caused by the overstretching of the shoulder joint, making it slip and get torn

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Other Pain Relief Treatments Maryland Neuro Rehab & Wellness Provides

In addition to shoulder pain in Catonsville, we also provide other pain relief therapies:

  • Back pain in Catonsville, to patients who develop chronic problems with their spine or posture to the extent that it renders them dysfunctional. Our certified professional physiotherapists devise a tailored plan for these patients.
  • Neuro Rehab in Catonsville, to patients who become intellectually disabled, and it becomes impossible for them to get the support they need at home.
  • Speech therapy in Catonsville, to patients with cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, who start developing slurred speech and problems swallowing as their condition progresses.

The physical therapists at Maryland Neuro Rehab & Wellness have professional, certified physicians to guide you to relief. They provide non-invasive and effective treatment that helps you recover in a better way. Contact us today to make your shoulder pain in Catonsville history.

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